Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disney Newsletter

Had some of my work published in a Disney newsletter/magazine this month overseas. I wish I knew exactly what it said.


Rodgeruhpy said...

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Unknown said...

Speaking of that, my friend and I are starting a Disney blog, and just made an article about your work on the disney princess. Not much talking, exept giving your blog and website and tell everyone we love your job !
Feel free to visit us (and to tell us if you want to add a comment on your work on the article), even if it's all in french, we'll be glad to translate if you want to :)

keep making us dreaming, and sorry for the bad english.

Eilonwy & Wiggins

Anonymous said...

"Real Versions of Disney Princesses

Countless of little girls around the world are in love with the beautiful princesses of Disney.
From the early Snow White to the late Rapunzel, these animated beauties with their flowing locks, full lips, and graceful bodies has not only left deep impressions on their audiences, but have ultimately become idols to girls.
Now, their beauty are realized in real life, all credits go towards American photographer and Disney character artist, Ryan Astamendi. The California-residing photographer created amazing real life versions of Disney princesses, their likeness is startling!
Astamendi was originally a cartoon image designer for Disney, working in the company for 18 years. He expressed that he was inspired by the early animations of Disney, thus creating the "Disney Series" photography category.
The California-raised Astamendi always felt lucky to have been guided by many designers from Disney, then attending the California Art Academy to focus on cartoon character design, it is because of this resume that he was allowed to secure a job as a designer at Disney, being part of many characters' starts, at the same time gaining interest in the princesses of the animated films.
Earlier, Astamendi began the "Princess Series" portfolio, one by one he photographed the real life copies of his favorite princesses.
Astamendi thinks that the beautiful costumes and impressive models are what makes his work a success. As an example, for Rapunzel, he readied a 15ft (approx. 4.6metres) long blond wig for Skyler Vallo, at the same time, he designed a style and overall match for the long purple gown.
You may have seen the real versions of the Disney princesses in America or Paris Disney's theme parks, but in detail and likeness, they cannot compare to Astamendi's design of any of the princesses!"

Anonymous said...

"Ryan Astamendi's, Disney Animation designer, photograph creation of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", beautifully appearing before everyone's eyes.

In 1992's film "Aladdin", Princess Jasmine has thick black hair and a slim waist, now Ryan Astamendi, through outstanding design and creation, brings Princess Jasmine from the cartoon to reality.

1995's movie "Pocahontas" is the first Disney film to be based on a person, the female lead is the Native American Pocahontas.

Princess Aurora dons the cloned beautiful pink gown from "The Sleeping Beauty".

The real princess's rose red lips and cream and peaches complexion bring forth Snow White's beauty.

Tinker Bell of Pixie Hollow.

The cloning of Rapunzel's long blonde hair makes her look truly authentic."

Unknown said...

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