Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Photography Philosophy

What I love about photography is bringing out the best in someone, and of course, the more I know someone, the more I can bring out. You get the best stuff when the subject is comfortable with you, and you with them...which is why I prefer photographing people I know. It's also why you usually get your best stuff towards the end of a shoot, because that is when the photographer and the subject are most comfortable. And yes, I also enjoy making people look better than maybe they ever thought they could. I like to give them something that they'll cherish for the rest of their lives....something they can show their grandkids someday and proudly say "Yeah, that's me."
I've realized the value of photography. Nobody ever looks back at really old photos and says, "Boy, I'm sure sorry I have these."
No, we treasure them...whether they're embarrassing or not.

By the way, the man pictured above is Denzil Smith, a Character Artist who used to work with us at Disney, and a great guy.