Sunday, August 28, 2011

Melissa Molinaro

Melissa was in an "Old Navy" commercial recently and has received a lot of attention for being a "Kim Kardashian look-a-like." (Not sure I agree)
Apparently Kim feels that Melissa DOES look like her, because she filed a lawsuit against Old Navy for using her "likeness."
You be the judge, you can watch it here:


Vince M said...

Kim K wishes she was this classically beautiful. Every one of those K-girls are a bit off, especially the big one. Great shot, Ry.

Eric Hutchison said...

Thank god she's not a Khloe-clone.

Anonymous said...

Sure, she has her "likeness".. but so what? Kim probably wishes Old Navy would've used her instead of Melissa. Does Kim not have enough exposure that she needs to be in the Old Navy commercial? Is Kim struggling to make ends meet financially speaking that she needed the money that the Old Navy commercial would've provided?

Kim is unique & Melissa is unique.