Friday, July 01, 2011

Disney Princesses....and Jessica Rabbit

Since I've been seeing these pics pop up more and more on various blogs, (usually with one or two of the characters missing), I figured I'd create a square which featured all 6 Disney characters I've worked on. Jessica will be subbed out as soon as I finish my next project, Belle. (Click image to enlarge)
Happy 4th of July everybody!


Erin P said...

I was just about to comment to say that you need to do Belle but I see she's next! I can't wait to see your next Princess.

Jeff Morgan said...

Awesome work! I'm a fan Specially being the father of a 3yr old girl that Love princesses. I bought "The art of DIsney Princess" for her. Her favorite is Ariel, Any plans??

Vince M said...

Truly stunning work, Ry! Very cool seeing them all together, along with a little spice from Jessica.

Calla Lael Photography said...

Beautiful work!! Need a Tiana?! lol

'Celle' Barkauskas said...

Hello, I made a post on my blog with photos of his work with the Disney princesses, I was blown away by the perfection of each picture and the beauty of the models, so I decided to post ok!

'Celle' Barkauskas


Unknown said...

Disney is my life period - since Snow White came out, I fell in love with the animation and have been an avid fan since Day 1.

I can honestly say that I have researched 'real life disney princesses' since I was a kid and NO ONE came close...except you Ryan! You absolutely nailed this and you are truly paying attention to detail and geninuinely making Disney masterpieces.

If I met you, I would kiss your feet. You're brilliant and I highly appreciate your work -- you have made my life complete.

Unknown said...

PS: Please do Belle, Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Ezmerelda (Hunch Back of Notre Dame), and Cinderella....please!

Unknown said...

PPS: Last comment (clearly I'm way too excited) -- this is the best Ariel I have seen so far...but I feel you can top this!

Kari Johnson said...

Usually I never take the time to comment on anything I StumbleUpon, but Ariel is so near and dear to my heart you must do her soon! I offer myself up as a model! ;)

Oh Coco! said...

wooww these are so on point they look exactly the same!!

all of them are beautiful for pocahontis is a knockout my gosh

this is such a good idea!

Oh Coco! said...

and can you do the princess from the princess and the frog I think her name is Tia?

koncekk said...

I adore all things disney princess, and I've never seen anything like your pictures. Belle has been my favorite since I was a kid so I'm super excited to see what you post!How much are shoots??

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Feel free to e-mailme at

Alisa said...

Belle is my favorite princess!! I feel I am so much like her. If you need a Belle model, there's one right here!

RyeRye said...

I have a really good Ariel for you. She's my friend and she ACTUALLY LOOKS EXACTLY like Ariel. She gets comments on it all the time. She has reddish brown hair and hazel green eyes. I've known her for a few years.. just look at her Facebook picture! I think everyone will agree with me. I photoshopped her hair red in her profile picture but she's stunning! Definitely should consider her.

Queen Sheba Photography said...

I absolutely LOVE your work! I'm also a photographer (mostly wedding photography) but you are an inspiration! I can't wait to see Belle, she is my favourite Disney Princess!

Anonymous said...

Do also bad girls :P Its more difficult I think and have more art too >.<

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures !
I hope you don't mind if i put them on my facebook with your name as author and a link to your blog to let all my friends discover your fantastic work.


Anonymous said...

I love Belle, but don't sub out Jessica! The most SPOT ON Jessica Rabbit I have EVER seen. Plus, she may not be a princess (she's not bad, she's just drawn that way! LOL) but she has a VERY dedicated fanbase.

Love all your work, and would ADORE seeing some "baddies" from Disney too.


Anonymous said...

Who portrayed Pocahontas? She is so pretty and she really looks like her

Anonymous said...

Ariel please :D !!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please do;
-Merida (Brave)
-Belle (Beuty and the beast)
-Tiana (princess and the frog)
-Ariel (little mermaid)
-Kida and Odette
-Belle and Cinderella.
I know its a lot to ask but I adore your work and I feel that you can pull this off. It may be hard finding a young, fiery headed, Scottish archer for it but with a wig, I'd be willing to step in. I am Scottish, I am an archer, and I'm 12. Not saying PICK ME! PICK ME! its a simple suggestion. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could produce more stunning work by recreating the Disney figures above.

Anonymous said...

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dISNEY lOvEr said...