Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where'd all the Blogs GO??

There was a time when the blogs were thriving, especially among my fellow Disney artists......lots of art, lots of updates, lots of posts, lots of comments. And now they're dropping like flies. People don't post for 6 months and then they wonder why nobody is visiting their blog! Well, I'm doing my best to keep mine going. I've been keeping up this pace for almost 5 years now....and MY work requires coordinating a 5 or 6 hour block of time with a model, make up artist, hair stylists, assistants, etc.
Not to mention the hours I often put into the post work.
Come on guys and girls, you can scan a sketch once in a while, right? Kudos to those of you who post consistently.


dave said...

Yeah! You tell em Ryan!
Oops, I'm a week behind myself.

Anonymous said...

You do a great job with your blog. I do something similar (photography content with models) and I can attest to the fact that it is extremely time consuming, and often costly as well. This is particularly true if you are providing the styling for the shoot and/or your hair and MUA are not willing to shoot TFP.

It's tough to recoup the money through the blogs via ads as well, even with a high ranking and plenty of traffic.

Vince M said...

Keep on keepin' on, Ry!

Kimberly M Zamlich said...

You have to feed a blog~that's commitment and perserverance. Once you start, you have to keep going~I knew this challenge going in. I am a stay at home mom, freelancing with crazy deadlines, still managing laundry, dishes, occasionally helping my daughter with homework, etc. etc; working like an octopus with several brains. This past 2 months I have been terribly burned out~BUT I still get the biggest payoff when I post new work! I can see my progression over the years and it has been incredibly rewarding. I blog for myself. Anyone who cares to check in or even comment is always welcome, but I do this for myself. Thank you, Ryan, for YOUR persistence and belief in your work. YOUR progression has been inspiring!