Friday, August 21, 2009


Here's a "beauty" shot I did recently of Jessie for a magazine.


Eric Hutchison said...

Great to see how easily she can pull off Classic Beauty, too. I like the subtle gesture as if flirting with the man across the room. Very nice, pal.
FYI- There's a new trend these days known as "Blondes." Haven't seen one yet either, but keep a sharp eye out. ;)


Thanks Hutch, and yes, I will keep an eye out for this "Blonde Hair" you speak of....

Vince M said...

I would have pushed the eye make-up a bit more. Just sayin'.

Pull out that Maguire book, will you? Jesse would be a perfect model for that stuff. Suanny, too.

And Hutch is right, a few blondes or redheads wouldn't hurt.

(Now you've heard from both idiots!)